Clinical Definitions

While there is still much we do not know about the causes and treatments for M.E./CFS, researchers have made great strides in defining the illness patterns of people living with M.E. Some of the first clinical definitions were written in Canada and Canadian researchers and authors continue to lead the way in writing Consensus Documents for doctors.

The following information provides important information for physicians and other health care professionals on the Clinical Definitions of M.E./CFS. These overviews were prepared by Dr. Bruce Carruthers and Marjorie van deSande from their complete documents and they were prepared at the suggestion of the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

We have included their introductory text below and the links to their documents in 5 languages. Please respect their copyright requests.

Overviews of the Canadian Consensus Documents for ME/CFS and FMS

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M.E./CFS Overviews

M.E./CFS Overview - English
M.E./CFS Overview - English A4 (A4 paper size - 21cm x 29.7cm)
M.E./CFS Overview - French translation
M.E./CFS Overview - Spanish translation
M.E./CFS Overview - German translation
M.E./CFS Overview - Italian translation