Using Relaxation to Cope

About Relaxation

Pain causes stress and stress makes it harder for us to deal with our pain…a vicious cycle. Through relaxation techniques, which takes practice to learn, we can help reduce our stress, whatever the cause, and call upon these techniques whenever we need them, when in pain, in the dentist chair…

The following has been noted in the book 'Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain', published by The Ulversoft Foundation, UK. This is an excellent book on chronic pain and is available in most Ontario public libraries.

Relief Through Relaxation

You can't avert all sources of stress, such as an unexpected visit from family or friends or a problem at work. However, you can modify how you react to these situations by practicing relaxation techniques. Relaxation helps relieve stress that can aggravate chronic pain. It also helps prevent muscle spasms and reduces muscle tension.

Relaxation won't cure your pain, but it can:

Reduce anxiety and conserve energy

  • Increase you self-control when dealing with a stressful situation
  • Help you recognize the difference between tense muscles and relaxed one
  • Help you physically and emotional handle your daily demands
  • Help you remain alert, energetic and productive

Keep in mind, though, that the benefits of relaxation are only as good as your efforts. Learning to relax takes time.