Awareness Day Event at Queen's Park - May 8, 2012

(By Denise Magi)

Because May 12th was on a week-end this year, MEAO held its awareness day event in the Legislature Building, at Queen's Park on May 8th. It was a great success! Thank you to all who came out!

We thank the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, MPP for Don Valley West, for doing our introduction in Legislature, and we thank Joe Dickson, MPP for Ajax-Pickering, for being our sponsor and doing the Member's Statement for the awareness day event in the Legislature in the afternoon.

At our reception, we were fortunate to have Dr. Alison Bested speak on the necessity and urgency to have medical treatment for those with ME/CFS, FM and MCS. Dr. Bested also read a statement from Dr. Lynn Marshall, who unfortunately was ill and could not attend. Hugh Scher, LLP, spoke on the necessity of protecting the rights of those with the illnesses. Jeanne Samonas also spoke and gave support. Arvinder Bindra, who is on the Steering Committee of MEAO's current Trillium Grant also spoke and gave an explanation of the purpose of the current grant, which is to do a feasibility study on the three illnesses, and what the study and the grant will ultimately achieve. From the MEAO board of directors, Keith Deviney (President) and Denise Magi (Vice-President) also spoke.

Invitations were sent out to all Ontario MPP's to attend the reception and when the morning session of the Legislature ended, we were so pleased and happy that many of the MPP's came in to speak and support our cause. It was very encouraging that so many MPP's had knowledge of the illnesses and were eager to give their support. The tri-coloured ribbon representing ME/CFS, FM and MCS was made available to the MPP's and once again, we were very encouraged to see so many wearing their ribbon.

Just some of the MPP's who came in to show their support were:
Kathleen Wynne, Tracey MacCharles, Soo Wong, Donna Cansfield, Eric Hoskins, Christine Elliot and John O'Toole, and there were many more.

We had a lovely luncheon before the reception ended.

The speeches that were read in the Media Room at Queen's Park, mean that the MPP's have access to them and that also gets the message across to the politicians and the Ministry of Health that " medical help is urgently needed now! " for all those living with ME/CFS, FM and MCS.

Thank you to all who made this day a great success!

International Awareness Day

JOIN US on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at Queen’s Park for our event to mark International Awareness Day for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Because May 12th, the formal day for International Awareness Day is on a week-end this year, we are meeting at Queen’s Park on May 8th this year.

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